Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Skeleton detection code for Kinect

As I promised earlier, I am now working on a Skeleton detection code that can work independently on any device. It will mostly be on c and c++ so it can be ported on to any platform. I have decided to split the code into different modules.
1) Background removal: I have an idea on background removal technique that will self learn during run time and does not require capturing empty background. This technique is simple and I've started working on implementing this now. Will soon post some videos on this.
2) Blob detection: I am planning to adopt some algorithm for blob detections. I've not decided on which one yet, but I am going to start from edge detection algorithm.
3) Skeleton tracking: This part, am still clueless right now. But I am sure I'll find some decent way to atleast detect hands and head. This is still a dream right now.

The whole objective of this project is to make a Skeleton detection program that uses Kinect's output and does not require any calibration posture like in OpenNI. Will post the progress here soon.


  1. Hi there - I can share the latest presentations from the Kinect guys at GDC if you would find some useful material in there to help you on your mission? I can pm you with the drop box folder?

  2. hello Jo, James n Clemmie...
    Thanks for your offer, that should definitely help me. I was looking around if I could get that.

  3. can you plz send it to nharishankar at gmail

  4. Hi code42tiger. The next week I'm talking about tracking in my school, and i need your program for an explanation. I have downloaded your xcode project from github site, and I found inside an Xcode project. I don't know how to see y body tracking. I don't know how to execute your program :S
    Any help.
    PD: My mail is julentxu@msn.com if u wanna help me

  5. Stand infront of the kinect with your arms facing high. That is the calibration position when the code will calculate your height and length of each joints. If you have problem finding the posture check my other video in my blog where I have did my skeleton detection code.

    1. Would still be interested in using your Xcode project to do that!