Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hacking iPhone 4 into a Digital Microscope

I was always eager to zoom in to things to see if I can find microbes. This time I took a step forward and opened up one of my old DVD drives to remove the lens inside. I successfully removed lens from 2 old optical disk drives and both had different magnifying lenses. With one of the lens I could see the RGB component LEDs from every pixels of my iPhone 4 retina display.

Click to see full sized picture

Then I have now fixed it behind my iPhone 4 camera to shoot some pictures. See the following video that we compiled during the weekend.

I am planning to increase the magnification of the setup by adding 2 lenses in front of the camera to see if I can zoom into microbes level. My first target is to shoot a moving Amoeba.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

3d Scanner update 1.2

After some response from the Mac App Store reviews, I am planning to add some more features to the app. This version will have Texture mapping feature, that will support most of the file formats. Meanwhile, I am also thinking about adding support for keyframe animations if possible in this version. If it is too hard to export to keyframe animation, I'll keep it for next big update.

I just uploaded a new version to the App Store. v1.2

Whats New in version 1.2:
1) Two different Modes of rendering. You can now view the whole scene in 2d or use 3d rendering to rotate and zoom.
2) Fixed the reversed normals in exported mesh. The exported mesh ended up to have the normals reversed in the previous version.
3) Laplacian Mesh Smoothing Algorithm. The exported mesh can be can be smoothed using according to the slider threshold selected. Smoothing threshold 4 is recommended for best results in facial capturing. Keep the slider in the middle for threshold 4.
4) Optimized exported file size. Removed unreferenced and duplicated vertex.
5) Reduced Memory usage and CPU cycles to 60%. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Beautiful Moon and The Gorgeous Jupiter

October 14th 2011, 5:30AM: Something woke me up and thanks to our new house. The two windows in my bedroom usually show the Moon on the balcony if am early, and the Sun on the other window right into my face. Today, something surprised me killing the rest of my deep early morning sleep. It was not just the moon but someone who accompanied him. I took my phone to click some pictures and the battery was on its 5%. I had to quickly click as many as pictures so at least a few come out well. Thanks to my iPhone 4 it stood steady for more than 45 mins with that 5% battery. I had to search on the internet to find who's the new guy on the sky. After a quick search on the internet, I found him to be the Jupiter. Am not sure if I can see them together again. See some of the pictures below and feel free to use then if you wish. Nature is free and I don't believe in copy protection or putting my name on the pictures.

And yes, now you know I have another hobby. I wish I had a good telescope.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

3D Scanner App for Mac OSX

I just managed to develop an application for Mac OSX that scans the whole 3d scene or just the foreground and stores the 3d mesh into a ply file. The ply file has vertex coloring corresponding to the scene color. And to tell you something more about the format I chose. It is the usual file format for 3d scanners. Below is a screenshot of the app.

I am also planning to add facial expression capturing, 3d video capturing, 3d mesh deforming format and a lot more. It all depends on the response I see from the appstore. I'll also update the status of the app here.

Update: This app just got released in the Mac App Store (3D Scanner)

Update: I just submitted an update for the app. Now you can do a lot better using this app. The change log is listed below.
1) New interface with live preview of the actual 3D model going to be exported. Now you can rotate or zoom the 3D model before you export.
2) Shortcuts for improving productivity. Space bar - Capturing 3D snap shots, H - To toggle hide background, R - To reset Backgrund removal process and Orientation.
3) Improved algorithm for exact color matching in the 3D world.