Thursday, October 6, 2011

3D Scanner App for Mac OSX

I just managed to develop an application for Mac OSX that scans the whole 3d scene or just the foreground and stores the 3d mesh into a ply file. The ply file has vertex coloring corresponding to the scene color. And to tell you something more about the format I chose. It is the usual file format for 3d scanners. Below is a screenshot of the app.

I am also planning to add facial expression capturing, 3d video capturing, 3d mesh deforming format and a lot more. It all depends on the response I see from the appstore. I'll also update the status of the app here.

Update: This app just got released in the Mac App Store (3D Scanner)

Update: I just submitted an update for the app. Now you can do a lot better using this app. The change log is listed below.
1) New interface with live preview of the actual 3D model going to be exported. Now you can rotate or zoom the 3D model before you export.
2) Shortcuts for improving productivity. Space bar - Capturing 3D snap shots, H - To toggle hide background, R - To reset Backgrund removal process and Orientation.
3) Improved algorithm for exact color matching in the 3D world.


  1. Spectral!

    What is needed for this app to work?

  2. You just need a Kinect connected to any Mac Computer and the app just released in the Mac App Store. I've updated the link in the post. In my case, I've used a Mac Mini with Mac OSX Lion

  3. This piece of software is amazing. I would love to see if you can send the live video image into another application like Syphon "" if I could patch your 3d scanner in to a video mixing application i can do amazing stuff and so can the whole video mixing community.