Saturday, October 15, 2011

3d Scanner update 1.2

After some response from the Mac App Store reviews, I am planning to add some more features to the app. This version will have Texture mapping feature, that will support most of the file formats. Meanwhile, I am also thinking about adding support for keyframe animations if possible in this version. If it is too hard to export to keyframe animation, I'll keep it for next big update.

I just uploaded a new version to the App Store. v1.2

Whats New in version 1.2:
1) Two different Modes of rendering. You can now view the whole scene in 2d or use 3d rendering to rotate and zoom.
2) Fixed the reversed normals in exported mesh. The exported mesh ended up to have the normals reversed in the previous version.
3) Laplacian Mesh Smoothing Algorithm. The exported mesh can be can be smoothed using according to the slider threshold selected. Smoothing threshold 4 is recommended for best results in facial capturing. Keep the slider in the middle for threshold 4.
4) Optimized exported file size. Removed unreferenced and duplicated vertex.
5) Reduced Memory usage and CPU cycles to 60%. 


  1. Hi, do you think it might be possible to release a windows or linux port?

  2. @Luis Robles
    Thanks for your interest. However, am a Mac developer right now and have a lot of plans for updating this software in near future. So am not planning to port it to Windows or Linux right now. However, I am making the source code easily portable in future.

  3. Looks incredible! Mac Store says it requires Mac OS 10.7 or later. Many people have not upgraded due to other software incompatibilities and bad reviews for the OS. If you can confirm that it works on 10.5 or 10.6, you may gat many more downloads.

  4. Hi Mike
    Thanks for the information. I'll make the next update to work on OSX 10.4 or greater. I did not notice the deployment target before submitting. However, there is not dependencies in OS version as my code is completely independent and in c.

  5. Hey. I think including Keyframing would be an awesome idea. Another think you could in corporate is the idea that if you show kinect an object and then rotate it 360 on each plane then it can build a computer model of that object.

    Thanks for the app