Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hacking iPhone 4 into a Digital Microscope

I was always eager to zoom in to things to see if I can find microbes. This time I took a step forward and opened up one of my old DVD drives to remove the lens inside. I successfully removed lens from 2 old optical disk drives and both had different magnifying lenses. With one of the lens I could see the RGB component LEDs from every pixels of my iPhone 4 retina display.

Click to see full sized picture

Then I have now fixed it behind my iPhone 4 camera to shoot some pictures. See the following video that we compiled during the weekend.

I am planning to increase the magnification of the setup by adding 2 lenses in front of the camera to see if I can zoom into microbes level. My first target is to shoot a moving Amoeba.


  1. Hi Harishankar, nice app but cannot get blender to read any of the files, bought a Kinnect just to scan 3D objects and get them ready for a 3D Printer I am building from a kit. Any suggestions???

  2. @jrd2'10

    Let me know what Mac system you are running the app on.