Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gesture recognition using Kinect on Embedded system

For those who are still following my depth sensor and skeleton recognition research. I've successfully designed a system that can track users hands (and other parts) with my own program. My initial intention was to build a very minimal micro computer with linux kernal running on it, to do gesture recognition. So, I was not happy in adding MS SDK for kinect or OpenNI as my intention was to build a commercial device.

Now, my program is able to filter Remove Background from Depth data with very minimal CPU usage. The system is still able to run with 30 FPS on a very basic CPU available today. Now, after detecting pointing finger (or hand) I am trying to add a self-learning system to recognize custom gestures.

Hopefully, I'll soon add a video of gesture recognition using a simple a micro computer setup.


  1. hey friend, I need a solution like yours to change the channels and volume of the TV, I wave all the equipmnts e I am a C programmer, do you have some source code to speed me, regards e great job!!! matosalvaro@gmail.com

  2. Hii, I am in the same situation as Alvaro, and was hoping you can send me a source code. That would be really helpful. You can email me at mahamwasti@hotmail.com
    Thank you

  3. Hi ! I put kinect 2 by kinect adapter for windows but software didn't see camera ! can you send solution how i can connect it ? drivers ? manual ?